Fall Causes Safety Awareness When Choosing/Fitting Helmets

In June of 2012 I started leasing a beautiful 18-hands Tennessee Walker from a rescue organization. He had an elephantitis-like condition in one leg. I was told he could be gently ridden, which was fine with me!

On July 15, I was learning the trot particular to gaited horses, had leaned over the horse to praise him, and he tripped, but was not injured. I fell over his head. I cracked my helmet, my face turning blue from the tightness of the strap, and suffered a severe concussion as well as injury to the sacrum. Then one week later I began to have double vision. From that point on I began to become extremely interested in helmet safety.

My best friend sent me some money after the accident and, of course, I bought a new helmet! I spent a great deal of time finding one and began to realize how important it was to have a good fitting helmet. On June 18, 2013, almost one year later, this precious Tennessee Walker had to be put down.

Although I had refused my damaged helmet before, I asked if I could have the helmet back if the rescue group still had it.

My only memory of that accident was a beautiful dream, and I wanted to remember him in that way, from that dream. I was later presented with the damaged helmet and will be fitting helmets for future events for the organization. I've since decided to donate a dozen new helmets, and so starts my search to find the right ones, as well as learning how to quickly and accurately fit them during our events.

 October 16, 2013
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