New student, safe head

I am new to riding, just starting to take lessons this summer. Of course, the riding school requires helmets, so my first purchase was a Troxel Intrepid. It gets worn for every lesson, including yesterday's lesson #9. The arena I take lessons in has a gate that looks out onto the outdoor turn-outs, so it's common that something will catch a horse's attention coming around that corner.

Well, yesterday I was ready for the distraction - but not prepared for the weed eater! Someone was making a racket outside the arena, right on the wall I was turning in to. Made it past the gate fine when all of a sudden the weed eater must have hit the metal siding and made a loud noise. Lucy spooked to the left to get away from the sound, my body continued going in the direction we had been riding. I hung on but centrifugal force won!

Down I went, landing on my tailbone and continuing with a good smack as the back of my head hit the ground. I have no doubt that I would not have just a slight headache today if I had not been wearing my Troxel helmet.

The crash only served as a lesson on balance and awareness - not an injury producing event. Since I am going to wear a helmet for ever more, I'm going to get another one or two just for variety. Love the way the SureFit Pro makes the helmet comfortable


 September 19, 2013
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