If only I would have had a helmet!!

On 02/1/20113 I have to be Life Flighted from Gonzales Texas, after my barrel run. Coming out of the arena my horse had to either go left or right, the last thing I remember is him stopping on his front feet twice, the 2nd time I lost my right stirrup. He made a right and I plowed off into a huge pipe fence.

I dont remember anything about the fall, I remember waking up on a backboard. I hit the fence with the left side of my head, my left ribs, my left wrist, lumbar area, left hip and leg. Fortunately I had no facial fractures, did have a huge swollen left side of my face, gash in my head, broken wrist, bruised ribs, and a hematoma in my hip the size of a baseball, and a major concussion. That was six weeks ago, I have post concussive vertigo. I have been in vestibular rehab for 3 weeks now. Basically what ever positions make you dizzy is the exact positions they put you in.

My neurologist says I cannot ride a horse for a year. WRONG!! I am now getting me a helmet and I will be back running again, well just as soon as these dizzy spells go away. I was very lucky this time. I want to get a helmet and put pigtails on it!! At 58 years old, you dont heal as quickly!!My doctor said if I have of had a helmet on it certainly would have absorbed a major part of the hit and my concussion would have been less severe.

 March 31, 2013
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