Passed out!

I was riding my mare with my friend in her pasture. It was a beautiful day. One month earlier I had fallen and torn my left rotator cuff. While on this ride my horse spooked very minimally to the right. When I pulled on the left rein I passed out. Nobody still knows why.

My friend says I fell "like a ton of bricks". I was unresponsive to her for 5 minutes. I went to the hospital and ended up with 6 broken ribs, two ribs broken in two places, and a punctured lung and a chest tube. I was flown to Little Rock in a helicopter and was in Intensive Care for two days, then out to the floor.I was off work for ten weeks and had to be very careful once working again as a nurse. I am fine now though ribs sore frequently. Thankful I had my Troxel Sierra helmet on! At least I did not have any head injury!!

 December 12, 2012
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