I need a few more riding lessons.

Two weeks ago I donned my new Venture helmet to go trail riding. I was last to mount up and my horse wanted to catch up with the others. I am still a beginner and was NOT ready for him to take off at a trot and then a canter up a gravel driveway! I panicked... he panicked... he bucked and off I went! As I slid UP the driveway, I was glad that I had my helmet on as 'gravel scalp' would have been very painful. I'm still very sore from a cracked rib and deep briusing in my hip, but no concussion and I have all my hair! I have ridden this horse several times and he is a 'kid horse' believe it or not. It just goes to show that even the 'safest' horse can surprise you.

 August 19, 2012
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