I love my head

I was riding my daughter's 2 year old when she spooked out from under me.  I hit the ground and I heard a big thud so I knew I was going to have a big headache so I laid still waiting for it.

Meanwhile my daughter is running panic stricken to me screaming "Mom are you ok." Luckily I was wearing my new Troxel Sierra helmet so the pain never came. When my daughter got to me I'm still being still ask where I hurt and I say I don't yet just waiting for the headache because of the sound of my head hitting the ground. She looks into my eyes and says I run across the arena and you don't hurt yet your not going to. She then kicks some dirt at me as she said spot making her have a heart attack and get back on that horse. Of course she had tears, something she rarely does and gave me a hug and an I love you.


 March 5, 2012
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