I trust the name Troxel from experience

I'm a trail rider who starts her own horses. I had my Troxel helmet 7 years and hit my head 3 times over those years and it worked great. One time falling off bareback (very minor hit to the back), one time being launched by a buck (that was the last and only stern impact about 2 year ago, stern hit to the back) no injuries just sore and sore neck. One time misjudging a tree branch duck, just a graze top front. But glad the helmet took the hit and not me.

I didn't know you had the accident Replacement but my helmet was fine or appeared to be. I only went out and bought a new one realizing one of the snap plastic prongs broke and figured it was time for a new one anyway. It wasn't a Sierra but it was a Troxel and I was very happy with it. Sorry I can't find any sticker on it that is still legible to tell you which model it was. It was matte Black and I bought it at Stateline when they were in Pets Mart back then. Probably the mid grade price range. I actually had a hard time putting it in the trash and letting it go.

I think it's great you guys do this Accident Replacement I'll keep that in mind if I ever need it. Now that I know that you have the replacement service. I should have replaced it 2 years ago or after the falls...oops. I'm sure I'll love my new helmet "Sierra" too. It's nicer looking and I trust the name Troxel from experience. You have a good product and good concept here! : ) Good Job! Kris One very happy customer.

 June 23, 2011
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