Last Friday, April 29, 2011, my daughter's life was saved by your remarkable product! She was on trail at the lope when her horse bucked her off landing on the front visor of her helmet. The visor shattered and she suffered a mild concussion and a black eye.

She couldn't remember what happened after the accident and was seeing "flashing lights" as she looked at the ground. She became nauseated while in the emergency room which was caused by the trauma. We had a rough couple of days but she's now back to her old, horse-loving self and she's looking forward to shopping for a new Troxel helmet to replace her old one. "It has to be blue this time!" she told me. She is my only child, irreplaceable, and precious and I will be forever grateful for your wonderful products. Your helments have now saved both of our lives! Gratefully, Lynn Freeman, California

 May 6, 2011
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