Gravity was not my friend

This past Saturday, April 23, 2011 I was riding with a friend. She has two horses and I was riding her mare, Shadow. I've ridden Shadow lots of times and the ride was going fine until the end.... We decided to canter up a hill and she started bucking.. I tried to stay on with all my might and proceed to find out gravity was not my friend. I fell and either had the wind knocked out of me or I passed out (but just for a moment).

I THANKFULLY had no broken bones, only badly bruised on my gluteus maximus and my left shoulder and stomach. My head, thanks to my Troxel helmet, was just fine! The helmet was broken and my skull was still intact. I am so glad I bought your helmet that I am going to go riding in a couple of weeks ( I need to heal first) and I will definitely be buying another Troxel helmet. Thanks for saving my head, and possibly my life!

 April 25, 2011
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