Saved my life while being stylish

My pink troxel helmet saved me yesteday! I took a spill after my 14 hand horse took a 18" jump and turned it into a 4' jump and then got so excited she bucked afterward.

I stayed on for another 10 feet before I flew to the side. Hit my hip, shoulder then head pretty hard. I actually felt my helmeted head bounce off the ground. There is a small scratch on the outside of the my helmet where I landed, but came out just fine. My hip and side are very bruised and sore, but my head hit the hardest against hard packed dirt. The result..Not even a headache! Just some ear pain from my ear getting squished against my helmet and I hit pretty hard.

I feel feel very very lucky and the first (after about 20 seconds of the wind getting knocked out of me) thing I said to my friend who rushed to my side was "omg- so glad I was wearing my helmet!" The helmet didn't even shift on my head, which is amazing considering I hit right over my ear! I have an odd to fit big long narrow head and every other helmet I have tried is too loose on the sides and shifts side to side as I ride. If it had not been for my troxel helmet.... I dont even want to think about it. The thing I remember about my accident was the sound of my helmet hitting the ground with a loud crack. Thankful to be alive and not brain dead!

 March 11, 2011
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