My Pride Was Hurt More Than Anything

I wear my Troxel Sierra helmet whenever I'm on a horse; trail riding, working horses and barrel racing. I took a spill during a barrel race a few weeks ago when my horse turned early on the second barrel and I wasn't ready for it. I landed on my helmet, and ended up with a sore neck and a few other places.

I believe after watching the fall on video that if I had not been wearing my helmet, the fall would have knocked me out. Part of the suspension system inside the helmet is broken, so I am replacing it immediately (I wish I would have gotten the replacement insurance!). I am very glad that I was wearing my helmet.

Even though it is not as aesthetically accepted as a cowboy hat, it sure protected me better and I believe substantially reduced my injuries (my pride was hurt more than anything). Thanks for a great and comfortable product!

 February 23, 2011
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