My Accident Created New Helmet Wearers

In the summer of 2007, several ladies and I were trail riding in northern Indiana. For some unknown reason, my mare went into rodeo mode. After trying to stay on, I was finally thrown off.

I ended up with two broken ribs and a tear in my spleen. Thank goodness, I had my helmet on or it could have been much worse.

I spent 5 days in a hospital and a month off work. For seven weeks, I slept in a hospital bed in our living room because I couldn't stand to lay flat.

One of the ladies in our group had never worn a helmet. After seeing my accident she got one for her and her husband and now wears it all the time. I had never worn a helmet while riding. When got my mare and had to board her, the farm where I took her, required riding in a helmet. So I got one and have been wearing one since 2005. Now is it just second nature to put it on and I see more and more

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 June 10, 2010
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