My life with Troxel

My name is Cheyenne and I am 8 years old. My Dad is an American Indian Stuntman and horse trainer for the movies. We rescue wild and domestic horses and teach them kindness. I have worn your helmet since I was 3 years old and am now on my second one.

The first one saved me three different times. All three times I was riding my horse "Thug" and he decided to start bucking, I rode most of them out but in the end he threw me on the ground.

The last time he did my boot flew in the air and I did a somersault over him and could still see him bucking as I flew through the air, I had some ouchies and weeds in my hair but I was ok. It was also on my birthday and I had just gotten a "Cheyenne Troxel" but didn't want to wear it yet because I didn't want to get it too dirty right away.

I was ok from the fall but my parents noticed my old helmet had seen its last ride. I went in the house and got my Cheyenne Helmet and ride with it to this day along with my stunt vest and I haven't been bucked off since then! I think it is my good luck helmet.

Thank you Troxel for giving a helmet the same name as mine. It is my very favorite and I never ride without it. Have a nice day!

Sincerely, Cheyenne Skye Rondeaux Age 8 West Texas and California.

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 April 12, 2010
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