Fox Hunt Crash

I was riding in a drag Fox Hunt and we were galloping along a raspberry field. At the end of the field where the trucks and pickers drove was a puddle that was dried up except for some greasy mud over hard packed clay.

I saw the leader's horse slip and almost go down. I tried to slow my horse but it was too late. The next thing I remember I am on my horse heading back to the starting point. I don't remember the fall, and I don't remember getting back on and riding for about and 1/8th of a mile. The EMT's checked me out and recommended I go to the hospital.

After a cat scan I was told I had a mild concussion, a black eye, bruised elbow and shoulder. The doctor was amazed that I was not more seriously injured. He said it was a combination of protective gear, experience and survival instinct. Some of the riders on the hunt did not have helmets and made disparaging remarks about them. I wouldn't ride without one.

 March 23, 2010
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