4 Pieces

I was riding my green horse...5 rides old... when someone crept in from a dark hallway and spooked my horse. The horse bolted, and silly me, I was not riding with a saddle. I got off balance and pulled on the reins (horse didn't have a stop yet), and he panicked even more and started to buck.

There I went! I landed on my hip, broke my leg in 4 Pieces. I hit my head, and ruined my helmet, but there was no damage.

The paramedics couldn't roll me on a back board, so they used a 2 piece back board called a scooper after they anchored my leg and splinted it. I had hip surgery because the break was so high in my leg, but because my brain did not suffer, I have a minor limp when I walk, and I can still drive/ride my horses!

 December 23, 2009
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