Backwards Flip Off Former Racehorse

It was a cool, gorgeous day in November of this year in the fields of the State University of Long Island, NY, perfect trail riding weather. We were out in a sunny field, a group of six. Wearing my new breeches and in my brand new Troxel Legacy Gold Duratec, I was riding a horse I knew was a few months off the track. Being rusty but an experienced rider, I thought I could handle him as did the stable operator despite my having seen him hop around a lot on the trail months before.

The guide and I were somewhat behind the other horses. As I squeezed my horse from a trot to a canter, he leapt forward up the hill, eager to get back to his buddies, unseating me. I hit the ground extremely hard on my head and right shoulder. I couldn't move and was medivaced by helicopter to the hospital. While in extreme pain, I was pleased to learn that while I had cracked three ribs and two neck vertebrae, and had sore back and neck muscles, I wasn't paralyzed--there was nothing wrong with my head. I had felt the impact richochet around the helmet as I hit the ground, saving my skull. Needless to say, I will ride again in a new helmet provided by your Accident Replacement Program--but will avoid any former racehorses!

 December 16, 2009
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