Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks

Last Spring my horse & I took a dump in Rocky River... The water was too high and our partnership too new for that challenge; but, we do stupid things. I felt Diamond Girl falling and tried to jump off clear of her. I wound up under water and watching her hooves coming down in front of me. I curled into a protective ball and felt a soft part of her body land on me. I got up after her with the wind knocked out of me, thinking only of hypothermia and CATCH MY HORSE!

I wound up with 3 cracked ribs; Diamond Girl was OK. (They don't call it the ROCKY River for nothing!!) The accident results could've been MUCH worse and I count my blessings. NO, I was NOT wearing a helmet...

An e-friend had been nagging me about riding with a helmet. As a kid I learned helmet-free; rode on-and-off as an adult without one; I've made it for 52 years; yadda-yadda....

That accident was a wake-up call. I was fortunate. I don't 'bounce back' like I used to. The helmet had to be RED and reliable - OK, I'd compromise on the color & get a red cover. After all, I'm a Red Hatted Rider (Red Hat Society)! No compromise: I found what I wanted from Troxel. It was 'uncomfortable' to adjust from a baseball cap to a riding helmet but with self discipline I did. Now, it is part of the routine & I don't even 'feel it'.

I like the adjustable feature. I wear a barn beanie under it on cold days; I have a polar fleece cover on backorder (yeah, I have to compromise on the red). I can loan it to friends and family when they want to ride my horse occasionally.

Good investment in ME in my horse-life.

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 November 11, 2009
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