Team Roping at ACTRA Finals

My Cheyenne helmet literally saved my life on October 21, 2008. I was team roping at the ACTRA National Finals in Reno Nevada when my steer set up as I was in my committed delivery while attempting to rope the steers horns. My horse set up also and I was thrown into the fence striking the 3 metal fence posts and denting my helmet.I was rushed to the ER and the Doctor there told me that without my helmet I would most likely be in the morgue. I am living proof and a walking testimonial for your helmets in a 99% cowboy/western culture where I am the only person wearing a helmet. I had suffered a very serious head injury in 2001 which took 24 months to recover from. I have no lasting injuries from this last spill.

P.S. I had been asked if my helmet would really save me from injury and I said I really didn't know, however I do know now![gallery]

 October 22, 2009
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