•  April 27, 2018

    Close Call.....

    I just replaced my first Troxel because of a close call! Thank goodness my head did NOT hit the ground. But I sure did sustain some bruising and swelling in my hands and fingers. The horse got spooked as we were weaving between poles during a lesson. Time stood still momentarily as we tried to figure out what had happened...

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  •  January 23, 2018

    Another great save!

    Another great save by Troxel....my daughter got her horse to close to the fence and her horse's leg went between one of the fence wires. They both went down. Her noggin was just fine as she had her helmet on. Her foot needed some extensive surgery for the 8 dislocated breaks. Her foot will heal; brains don't always heal. Thanks...

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  •  November 20, 2017

    Setting an Example in Rodeo- Meet Macy Obringer

    Photo Credit Lauren Maeve Photography Macy Obringer is a Freshman and current homeschool student through Grace Brethren High School in Simi Valley, CA. She is a member of the National High School Rodeo Association and competes in the California High School Rodeo Association with District 7. This is her first year competing in rodeo and her third time out tying...

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  •  October 26, 2017

    She Flipped Forward Over The Horse

    My 12 year old daughter was at a riding lesson yesterday and her usually rock solid horse spooked. She flipped forward over the horses head about 7 feet in the air and fell directly on her head. One ambulance ride, x-rays, CT scan and a concussion evaluation later she was completely fine- just a sprained neck. I am so thankful...

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  •  October 25, 2017

    I Went Flying

    Hi my name is Bela. October 2017 I was thrown from my mare Willow, I have had a few falls but this one was not one of my best. We were out riding and to say the least she is a tad on the barn sour side, so because of that reason she likes to try to get me off...

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