•  April 04, 2019

    I Would've Died On Impact

    On August 26th, 2018 at 9:30 am my horse, Valentine, and I had an awful accident. That morning I decided to go out on a trail ride since I had been doing a lot of speed control in the round pen with him and we were both tired of it. I live in Vegas, so our trails aren't the best...

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  •  March 29, 2019

    Thank You For Making Helmets That Keep Me Alive

    I just wanted to say that I got a Troxel Helmet about a year ago. It's very comfortable for a helmet. Today it saved my life. My horse and I ended up in a mix with a few vicious LOOSE dogs and I ended up on the ground. According to people who came out to help I had rolled about...

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  •  March 27, 2019

    He Tried To Avoid Stepping On Me

    Your helmet saved me yesterday! I was riding my barrel horse and had just started him back after him recovering from an injury. I was taking a riding lesson and about 40 minutes in we were just walking him along the rail and he kept looking at my coach and kind of like stepping away from her so jokingly she...

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  •  August 16, 2018

    A good helmet review!

    Just thought I’d pass on a good review of one of your Fallon Taylor helmets. I was wearing my Troxel helmet when I had no choice but to bail off of a friend’s horse I was riding. He bolted with me still on him (I thought I would lose my balance going around a corner but I didn’t). We were...

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  •  July 10, 2018

    My head hit the ground first.....then my back.

    I want to thank Troxel for making these helmets so durable. On 7/6/18 my horse got spooked as I was mounting. One foot in the stirrup and halfway on. He took off bucking and bounced me into the saddle and then off the other side. My head is the first thing that hit. Then my back. My helmet is now...

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