•  March 02, 2010

    Second Barrel Disaster

    While running my horse through the barrel pattern at a barrel race in Unadilla, GA. my horse was running to the second barrel and then he tripped. When he tripped, he fell end-over-end on me and piledrived me into the ground. After falling on top of me, he tried to get up and everytime he tried to get up off...

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  •  January 22, 2010

    Galloping Down the Highway

    I never really knew why helmets were so important during riding. But I wore one anyways just in case. It all started on a nice chilly day , my brother, cousin, friend, and I all went out on a trail. But to get to that trail you had to ride beside the road. I was nervous but I did it before so what...

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  •  December 23, 2009

    4 Pieces

    I was riding my green horse...5 rides old... when someone crept in from a dark hallway and spooked my horse. The horse bolted, and silly me, I was not riding with a saddle. I got off balance and pulled on the reins (horse didn't have a stop yet), and he panicked even more and started to buck. There I went!...

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  •  December 17, 2009

    Falling off a horse

    Slipped off a horse during lessons off the saddle but I had my Troxel Helmet on with no head injuries of any but body was sore for a month. At least I kept my head and helmet on and got back on the horse the next week...

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  •  December 16, 2009

    Backwards Flip Off Former Racehorse

    It was a cool, gorgeous day in November of this year in the fields of the State University of Long Island, NY, perfect trail riding weather. We were out in a sunny field, a group of six. Wearing my new breeches and in my brand new Troxel Legacy Gold Duratec, I was riding a horse I knew was a few...

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