•  July 07, 2010

    Unfinished Beach Ride

    I was taking part in a charity ride on the beach from Fleetwood to Blackpool & back, having a lovely time with my friend, riding in the tide.We were just trotting & the water was splashing up. The next thing I remember was lying on the wet sand, my head hurting like mad & blood everywhere!The air ambulance took me...

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  •  July 02, 2010

    Just Wear Your Helmet

    I promised my husband I would always ride with a helmet as a precondition to getting a horse. Sigh, Ok honey, whatever you say ... I just want a horse. So, 6 years later I have NO stories about getting hurt in falls! I've fallen off a few times, OK maybe several times, and some of those have involved bonks...

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  •  July 01, 2010

    I broke my helmet and came out with no injuries

    I am sure my helmet saved my life. While I was training Western Pleasure horses, I had a horse rear up and go over back wards. He was a large probably 1300lb or more horse. When I jumped off his back was too the wall so I landed by the wall, he continued coming over squishing my head between the...

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  •  June 29, 2010

    My helmet saved my head!

    I was riding a mare that I recently rescued. She's very sensitive but had improved so much since I got her that I was feeling great about riding her in the pasture alone. Well, while I was getting on her one night she bolted, I had no chance of recovery and went down fast and hard! My helmet cracked-but if...

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  •  June 29, 2010

    Twice in six weeks!

    I was on a trail ride with my dog, riding the gravel back-roads near my home. As we were approaching a paved county road my horse became progressively more agitated. He reared and I came off, but my foot got caught in the stirrup briefly. I hit head and shoulders first. I was dizzy for a moment, but my helmet...

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