•  August 16, 2010

    Head on Collision with a Pipe Post

    No concussion, nothing is torn, broken, cracked, or sprained, but my confidence is definitely balanced on thin ice! So here goes ... I was schooling Speedy G in the arena where he was being pretty good. Our goal was to complete several 20 meter circles that were nice and round with him also being nice and round. The day before...

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  •  August 16, 2010

    Caught off guard

    So on Sunday morning while the rest of the barn horses were eating breakfast, I decided that I would spend that down time going on a ride with my Icelandic gelding Skuggi. He is still green broke, but is doing very well. This was our first ride by ourselves. I usually ride with a buddy of mine, but she was...

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  •  July 20, 2010

    My Helmet Paid Off Again

    First of all, I always wear my helmet. Absolutely when riding and usually when doing veterinary work with the horses. Once when the vet was there to vaccinate I had looped the rope tied to a halter around a 3 x12 cottonwood board bolted to the uprights (what my arena is lined with. Now I have those great tie rings)...

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  •  July 10, 2010

    Make sure that your helmet fits properly!

    Almost 4 years ago, I was riding a pretty quiet horse named Doc. He was being great for me. Then at the end of the lesson, while I was dismounting he started to buck and he probably would've bolted if someone wasn't holding him as I dismounted. My helmet flew right off of my head, so it obviously did not...

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  •  July 08, 2010

    I must confess I never wore a helmet when riding...

    I once rode bareback, barefoot, and bareheaded over 2 miles along a paved road to the store...to buy candy. I was 11, and I never once thought about what might happen if I fell off my horse and hit my head. Knocked unconscious, I could have laid in the road where a car could hit me. Out in the boonies,...

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