•  July 23, 2011

    No such thing as Bomb Proof!!

    Just this past Sunday 7/3/11, before the July 4 holiday, my friend and I had a leisurely trail ride planned. My friend is in her 50's, as am I, but she has not ridden a horse in over 30 years. She is a very hard working Registered Nurse who also trains Leader Dogs for the Blind. So needless to say,...

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  •  July 06, 2011

    Rodeo Trail

    It was a Friday afternoon the week after a long Saturday at a rated horse show. All of my barn friends and I wanted to give our horses a quick trail ride to get away from the busy show season, so we tacked up our favorite mounts and headed for the trail. Nothing about that trail was different from any...

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  •  June 23, 2011

    I trust the name Troxel from experience

    I'm a trail rider who starts her own horses. I had my Troxel helmet 7 years and hit my head 3 times over those years and it worked great. One time falling off bareback (very minor hit to the back), one time being launched by a buck (that was the last and only stern impact about 2 year ago, stern...

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  •  June 11, 2011

    Fall on Road

    A few years ago I was riding down the road when my horse spooked. I went flying and ended up breaking my ankle in three places. My head hit the pavement but thanks to my Troxel Spirit, I did not suffer any head injury. I fell so hard that my helmet cracked down the back. I replaced it with the...

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  •  June 07, 2011

    Just because he's old doesn't mean he can't buck.

    My Appendix QH was on stall rest for several weeks with a soft tissue injury. Once our vet cleared him for some light riding, I started him out at about 15 minutes of walk/trot. He was also able to go out in the paddock for a few hours by himself or with one quiet buddy. My horse was in his...

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