•  August 14, 2011

    Just a slip

    I was riding an 18 hand Hannoverian, very seasoned horse. It was an early morning ride just after the arena had been watered. I was warming up and my horse slipped and fell. He pinned me down under him and I hit my head. My trainer says I never "blacked out" though I don't remember anything from before my ride...

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  •  August 12, 2011

    A Lesson for my Daughter

    Moms don't fall. At least thats what my then 6 yr old thought. She had seen me school numerous green horses, fly fearlessly around a cross country course, accurately perform more dressage tests than I can count and blaze the most difficult trails. Helmets have always been a part of riding and it was imprinted since she started at the...

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  •  August 04, 2011

    Using My head...

    It was a gorgeous day and my Uncle, Cousin, Aunt and I were out riding our amazing horses. At the time I owned a rather clumsy TWH. So we were just walking along, minding our own business when BAM! My horse, Clyde (named because he had the EXACT same markings as a clydsdale) fell to the ground. I stayed in...

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  •  August 04, 2011

    All of a sudden I woke up...

    4 yrs ago I was riding My Arabian Mare, Dancer and had just wrapped up a fairly intense training session with a nice cool out ride. The last thing I can remember as I rode her over to the area I usually dismount was I asked her to move off my leg and side step and she kicked out at...

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  •  July 28, 2011

    Sometimes things just go BAD !!!!

    All I know is that without my Troxel Dakota riding helmet, I would not be here writing this. I am a 40 year old male, and live in Gillette Wyoming. I recently switched from western riding to english, and love it to death, almost literialy. The western show tean that I ride with is made up of mainly teenage 4H...

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