•  March 09, 2012

    One half + One half = One amazing Helmet!!!

    I was training a horse that was new to our barn, and decided to take her out on the trails with a group of other riders for her first trail ride. She was doing well, until the person in front of us grabbed a branch that was in their way, and then let it go after they rode past it,...

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  •  March 05, 2012

    I love my head

    I was riding my daughter's 2 year old when she spooked out from under me. I hit the ground and I heard a big thud so I knew I was going to have a big headache so I laid still waiting for it. Meanwhile my daughter is running panic stricken to me screaming "Mom are you ok." Luckily I was...

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  •  March 04, 2012

    My son's first fall

    My 10 year old son was doing balance exercises without stirrups. This was his 5th lesson. He did extremely well the first time around the arena. During his 2nd trip around the arena ) in the opposite direction), he lost his balance. His body flipped back onto the horse's hindquarters which caused the horse to bolt and buck. My son...

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  •  February 20, 2012

    The first day of the rest of my life

    It was my birthday and my friend wanted to ride. My son had bought me a helmet for mothers days since I made him wear one he wanted me to be safe. Well anyway when we were getting ready I didn't want to wear my helmet but didn't want to hurt my sons feelings so I wore it. Thank god...

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  •  February 18, 2012

    I Almost Didn't Wear It

    It was Monday Feb. 13, 2012. I ride my horses to forget sometimes of the struggles that I am going through. For me riding is a way to escape, a time to relax. I have a Troxel helmet and I don't always wear one. I actually went out my front door without, it but something told me to go back...

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