•  October 07, 2019

    She Can Still Enjoy Her Horses

    I just wanted to give a big thank you to Troxel Helmets. Your helmet has saved my daughter from what could have been a much more serious accident. She had her horse run over the top of her, chest to chest at a gallop. Even though she had dismounted, she still wore her helmet. She has suffered a slight concussion...

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  •  September 27, 2019

    If I Had My Helmet On...

    On Sunday I learned the importance of a helmet. My parents had always been on top of me about wearing one while on a horse but I was always like “I’ll be fine, I’ll put one on next time” etc. Always thinking I would be fine and nothing would happen. That is exactly what I thought Sunday. I was on...

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  •  August 30, 2019

    I Had An Extremely Bad Crash

    I am a grateful Troxel supporter!... I had an extremely bad crash over the weekend. It was a freak accident. If I wasn't wearing my Troxel helmet, the ER doctor said I could have easily died. When I fell at canter speed, all I remember is my head hitting the ground. My memory is still foggy. I grew up in...

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  •  August 30, 2019

    It Was A Simple Trail Ride

    I've ridden for 30+ years without a helmet. Then I started reading story after story about head injuries. I'm glad I did. I bought a helmet and started using it. I almost did not wear it that day because it was a simple trail ride..right? While ponying a young horse on my seasoned well-trained mule, I cannot tell you what...

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  •  August 29, 2019

    That Crack Would Have Been My Head!

    Hello Fellow Equestrians, I have been riding since I was six-years-old. I never wore a helmet, until I had a mare that I had for about 12 years & never had any issues before. She got mad because she couldn't see her stablemate & started serious bucking. She bucked 3 times, & the 4th time she twisted sideways! My leg...

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