•  July 17, 2015

    I'm Gonna Need That Helmet...

    It was a nice summer evening, and I had been looking forward to this day. My best friend and I trail ride almost every day, but my older brother was coming down from Worcester to join us, and see what I do every day. I put my brother on my drum horse, regardless of the fact she is young and...

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  •  July 01, 2015

    Glad I Had It!

    Today I decided to ride Cloud, a rescue mare I have had for a year. The thought of not wearing a helmet actually crossed my mind, but I put my trusty older Troxel on before mounting. Admittedly, I haven't ridden this horse in 6 months and she has a lot of emotional baggage. She was quiet tacking up and willingly...

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  •  June 28, 2015

    First Day with My New Helmet

    I bought a Dakota low profile with the visor as I am riding in Mexico in July. i used it for the first time yesterday. A freak equipment problem, a mystery—my stirrup leather, still buckled, came out of the Kincaid saddle latch during a canter, next thing I was crashing into some nettles. My head is fine, the Dakota cracked...

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  •  June 23, 2015

    My Mustang Cheyenne's First Trail Ride

    I took Cheyenne on his first trail ride today. He was doing great. Then about 20 minutes in he blew up. Cheyenne started bucking like he was trying out for the Reno Rodeo! I tried to ride it out. But, I just did not have control. I saw my opportunity so I bailed. Thank God I had my helmet on...

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  •  June 13, 2015

    My New Helmet

    I've worn a Troxel since they became available in my area; probably the late 90's. I've banged them around a bit but I've never destroyed one. On Thursday night I totally wrecked my Intrepid. I bought it in April. When the horse I was riding tripped at the canter I was launched forward and I hit the pillar of a...

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