•  December 22, 2015

    Freak Accidents Can AND Do Happen

    I have been riding for 16 years and have never been on a horse without a Troxel helmet protecting me. There is something about the classic look, the fit and the dependability of a brand you have been with for that long. Even schooling jumps at low levels, freak accidents can happen. I rode a horse for his owners and...

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  •  November 05, 2015

    Always Wear Your Helmet AND Your Boots!

    My husband and I, ages 69 and 62, always wear our helmets, every ride. We believe we used up all of our good luck as youngsters! We had had a lovely little ride on the trails near the stable where we board our horses, and I'd gone around a curve on the road toward the barn. My husband's horse wanted...

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  •  October 27, 2015

    Back in the Saddle!

    I was leasing a Morgan mare named Louie in Jacksonport, Wisconsin in September 2006 when something happened & I was seen hanging from her neck still in the saddle then I dropped to the ground. I think maybe she tried to wipe me off on a gate. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury aka TBI. Being detrimentally independent led me...

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  •  October 27, 2015

    Thanks Troxel - You Saved My Life!

    Last April I was schooling my 7 year old cob at home one evening. He is normally no trouble to school and I almost didn't put my hat on, but then I changed my mind because I always wear a hat so there was no good reason not to this time and I'm so glad I did because it saved...

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  •  October 27, 2015

    Thank God and Troxel

    When I started riding horses at age six, my grandma, who grew up riding her horse bareback through her family's farm, thought the idea of wearing a helmet ridiculous. However my mother, who was and is terrified of horses wouldnt let me ride withought one. Seven years later, with a more passonate love for horses and a unatural lack of...

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