•  August 16, 2017

    I Never Even Got On

    Never even got on... I was mounting my 21 year old thoroughbred whom I have owned for 18 years. Normally he is rock solid for mounting but today something spooked him and he bolted with me half on. I was thrown backward landing on my head and back. Other then numerous bruises, scrapes, and a slight headache I got up...

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  •  August 15, 2017

    It Took Me 5 Years To Ride Again

    Hi In June 2008, I met this girl who wanted help with her 5 year old quarter horse. I was evaluating him for her. She was in the middle of the arena as I walked and talked around her. I asked if he could canter, she said yes. I asked him a few time to canter. He finally started but...

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  •  June 30, 2017

    We Were So Lucky

    My daughter was in an accident in December. She was coming into the first barrel and she checked her horse, but he was coming in too fast. He bounced and they lost their rhythm, but when they did she went flying. Her humerus hit the swells and was broken immediately, her chin hit the saddle horn, she bit through her...

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  •  June 30, 2017

    I'm So Glad I Was Wearing a Helmet

    Hi, my name is Jessica, I had a riding accident in November 2015. I got on a horse who was normally quiet and who I knew well. Part way through my ride the horse tied up and flipped out going crazy. I was catapulted about 2 meters in the air off a nearly 18hh horse and came done head first...

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  •  June 30, 2017

    I Was In The Hospital For 3 Weeks

    This is what my Troxel helmet looked like after I was thrown from my horse back in February of 2015. The deep scratches would have been against my head had I not had the helmet on, not to mention the cushioning of the helmet that saved my head from impact when my head hit the ground. I was in the...

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