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For a limited time, receive a Troxel winter fleece vest FREE with your purchase of any Troxel Cheyenne, Sierra, ES, Avalon or Intrepid helmet. Hurry this offer won't last long. Shop Now!
$ 119.95

Designed for serious competitors, the Avalon is a modern low profile platform packed with performance features. Steel vent inlays over high-flow mesh, a custom molded moisture-wicking headliner and an Elite fit system keep riders cool, comfortable and performing at their best.  Key features include: SureFit™ Elite Ultra-ventilation Shatter resistant visor Low profile Hardened matte finish Flip-Fold™ removable washable headliner 

$ 169.95

Inspired by feedback from thousands of western riders, the new low profile Cheyenne is the third and most advanced generation of the original pure western helmet. Completely re-engineered for maximum cooling, the Cheyenne combines outstanding comfort with irresistible western-inspired looks. Key features include: SureFit™ Pro Handmade leather finish Lightweight design Mesh-covered vents XL Sizing Assembled in the USA

$ 109.95

Designed for the performance needs of English riders, the ES is a modern show and dressage helmet. Troxel's latest fit technologies combined with high-quality materials and a beautiful low profile silhouette make the ES a must-have for athletes in an English saddle. Key features include: SureFit™ Elite Flip-Fold™ fit adjustment Open cell foam moisture-wicking headliner Air-channel™ technology Mesh-covered cluster vents...

$ 65.95

The Intrepid features an ultralight, low profile design created for the performance-oriented rider. Moisture-wicking padding, self-adjusting SureFit™ Pro technology and superior ventilation provide an unmatched level of comfort and stability during demanding hours in the saddle.       Key features include: SureFit™ Pro Duratec™ finish Honeycomb mesh-covered vents Shatter resistant visor

$ 119.95

Engineered for riding extremes, the Sierra’s rugged covering not only looks good, but also withstands the toughest terrain on the trail. Its excellent ventilation and mesh covered vents have made this the trail rider’s number one choice.  Key features include: SureFit™ Pro Riveted CORDORA® and leather finish Mesh-covered vents Low profile XL Sizing (Brown and Black Only)