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#14 The Last Practice Before Competition

Today was my last practice before my big show this weekend. I was all ready to go and when I got out of the car, I realized I forgot my most important part of my riding attire?go head and take a guess. Yes, I forgot MY HELMET. Talk about embarrassing. Luckily, North Coast Equestrian Park has a barn full of spare helmets for people that forget their helmets.

So once I got all tacked up and ready to go (helmet on), I prepared for the big competition. Here is a video of my trainer explaining what I will be required to do, and who I will be competing against:

After learning about my big competition (and the ferocious 10-year-olds I will be competing against), I got to tackle my biggest hurdle in all of my lessons -cantering without a lunge line! I was extremely nervous that Libby would decide to take matters in her own hoofs and canter where she pleased. Luckily Libby was completely responsive to my cues. It took me a while to feel comfortable cantering with control, but I finally got the hang of it and had a good time. Here is an amusing video showing my first attempts:

So I guess I am ready as ready as I will ever be for my big show this weekend. I just have to remember my helmet:)

Any tips for your first show? Wish me luck!